Cofre de los deseos Leyenda

Legend of the Wish Chests

Learn how the wish chest was born, how it works, what to do if your wish comes true and how to recharge it energetically.

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It is an ancient silver artifact that holds a powerful meaning according to legend. It tells the story of a young monk versed in the Bön doctrine, who saw a spiritual essence in the elements of nature. It was this monk who discovered the way to make the most desired wishes come true .

After deep meditation, the monk conceived an elongated silver cylinder to which he added a small ring to use as a pendant, always keeping it close to the heart. This pendant was named the Wish Chest.

The monk wrote his most sincere wish on a scroll, along with a secret only he knew on the back. By introducing the scroll into the Chest, the wish acquired its own essence and, by remaining with its author, the possibilities of its fulfillment were enhanced, thanks to its spiritual and magical connection.

Legend dictates that once the wish is fulfilled, the scroll must be destroyed by purifying fire. This ceremonial act allows the wish made to rise and keep the secret forever. The Chest is then ready to receive a new wish.

In case the wish is not fulfilled after three months, the power of the Chest can be revitalized by taking a full moon bath. To do this, simply wrap the Chest in a white cloth and leave it overnight in the window or on the balcony, so that the rays of the full moon charge it with new energy.

The Wish Chest is a legendary heritage that invites us to connect with our deepest desires. With its spiritual and magical connection, it becomes an amulet that enhances our possibilities of making our wishes come true. By following the rituals and traditions associated with this ancient artifact, we can keep hope and faith alive in the manifestation of our dreams.

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