Natural stones

Natural stones have energetic and spiritual importance, being valued for their ability to balance energies and promote inner peace. Know the meaning of each of them and choose the one you need in your life!

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The Carnelian

Natural Carnelian

It is a semi-precious stone that is associated with a wide range of meanings and benefits. With its warm and vibrant color, carnelian represents courage, vitality and passion. This stone is believed to encourage self-confidence and motivation, driving people to pursue their goals with determination.

Carnelian is also said to improve creativity and concentration, helping to overcome apathy and indecision. In terms of physical well-being, carnelian is considered to boost energy, strengthen the immune system, and promote healthy blood circulation .

Additionally, this stone is believed to protect against negative energies and help balance emotions. Carnelian is a symbol of courage and vitality, and is believed to promote motivation, creativity, and overall health.

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