Natural stones

Natural stones have energetic and spiritual importance, being valued for their ability to balance energies and promote inner peace. Know the meaning of each of them and choose the one you need in your life!

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Natural Pink Quartz

It is a gemstone known for its delicate and soft pink color. Various meanings and benefits are attributed to it, mainly related to love, compassion and emotional healing . This stone is associated with the heart and is considered a symbol of unconditional love and harmony in relationships.

Pink Quartz

Rose quartz is believed to help heal emotional wounds , promoting self-acceptance and forgiveness towards both self and others. Additionally, it is said to encourage inner peace, confidence and kindness towards oneself and others. This stone is also used in self-care practice to balance and harmonize the heart chakra, promoting self-love and balanced relationships.

In addition to its connection to love, rose quartz is also believed to calm emotions, relieve stress, and promote feelings of peace and well-being . In short, rose quartz is a stone that symbolizes love, compassion, and emotional healing, and is used to promote harmony and balance in the heart and relationships.

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