Natural stones

Natural stones have energetic and spiritual importance, being valued for their ability to balance energies and promote inner peace. Know the meaning of each of them and choose the one you need in your life!

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Natural Lapis Lazuli

It is a gemstone known for its intense blue color and rich history. This mineral has been valued for centuries for its beauty and metaphysical properties. Lapis lazuli is believed to symbolize wisdom, truth and spiritual awakening. It is considered a stone of connection with inner power and intuition.

Lapis lazuli

Additionally, lapis lazuli is believed to encourage clear and effective communication, and helps release stress and promote mental and emotional harmony. It is also associated with protection against negative energies and promoting authentic self-expression.

Lapis lazuli is “The Stone of Wisdom” it helps you express yourself, communicate correctly by harmonizing your thoughts with your word, improves memory, stimulates self-awareness and helps express your feelings and emotions, it is considered the stone of friendship, because it brings harmony in relationships.

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