The Turkish Eye

The Turkish eye, also known as nazar boncuk or "blue eye", is a protective amulet widely used in various cultures and regions, especially in Turkey and Mediterranean countries. This amulet has a characteristic design of a stylized eye, it is believed to have the ability to protect against envy and the evil eye.

The evil eye is a belief rooted in many cultures, which holds that a person can cause harm or bad luck to another simply by looking at them with envy or resentment. It is believed that the Turkish eye, when worn or displayed, can deflect these malicious glances and protect the wearer from their negative effects.

The Turkish eye also has a deep spiritual connection. In Turkish culture, the eye is believed to have mystical power that reflects divine gaze and brings blessings and good fortune. It is considered a symbol of luck, prosperity and happiness, and is used in a variety of objects, from jewelry to home decoration.

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