The Universe

Connecting with the universe, through the contemplation of its symbols, allows us to access an inexhaustible source of wisdom, inspiration and reflection. The importance of this connection lies in the ability to find guidance, meaning and purpose in our own existence as we explore the light, hope, transformation and inner power that these celestial elements represent.


The star is a symbol loaded with meaning in various cultures and traditions. It represents light, guidance and hope in the darkness. It symbolizes inspiration, dreams and deepest desires. Furthermore, it is associated with divinity and the connection with the transcendental.

The star can also represent individuality and uniqueness, highlighting the brilliance and unique talent of each person. In short, the star is a powerful symbol that evokes ideas of light, guidance, inspiration and divinity, reminding us of the importance of pursuing our dreams and finding our own brilliance in the world.


The moon is a symbol that evokes mystery, emotions and transformation. It represents femininity, intuition and the cycles of life. The moon also symbolizes connection with the divine and spiritual. Its lunar cycle reminds us of impermanence and constant renewal.

Additionally, the moon is associated with light in the darkness, providing guidance and tranquility. It is a symbol of romance and poetry, inspiring creativity and sensitivity. In short, the moon is a powerful symbol that invites us to explore our emotions, connect with our intuition, and embrace beauty and transformation in our lives.


The sun is a symbol of light, energy and life in various cultures and traditions. It represents power, vitality and strength. The sun is the source of light and heat that sustains existence on our planet. Symbolically, it is associated with clarity, awakening, and spiritual growth. It is also considered a symbol of power and leadership.

The sun inspires us to shine our own light and radiate positivity and joy in our lives. It is a powerful symbol that represents life, energy, vitality and personal power.

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