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Divine Protection Necklace | 7 Archangels

Divine Protection Necklace | 7 Archangels

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Meaning Callers of Angels and 7 Archangels

Experience the magic of the 7 Archangels Necklace with Angel Caller and natural stones! Each stone represents an Archangel and his unique gift. Wear this jewel to feel its constant guidance and protection in your life. A beautiful accessory with a deep spiritual meaning. Get it now and carry the energy of the Archangels with you!

Meaning of Angel Callers
Meaning of the 7 Archangels
Guardian Angel Letter
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
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Angel Caller Diameter 12 mm

Natural Stone 6 mm

  • Blue : Lapis lazuli
  • Red : Carnelian
  • Yellow: Citrine
  • Pink: Rose Quartz
  • White: White Quartz
  • Violet: Amethyst
  • Green: Aventurine

925 Sterling Silver


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