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Divine Tranquility Necklace

Divine Tranquility Necklace

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Meaning of the Angel Callers

Legend has it that thousands of years ago humans lived with our Guardian Angels , but for some reason, perhaps due to a lack of faith, they decided to go to Heaven.

But before leaving, the Angels gave us some spherical pendants that sounded like bells when shaken and explained to us that when we felt in danger or simply sad, we should shake the spheres, that when we heard the bells, the Guardian Angel of each one would come to that call.

The Angels set a condition: the pendant would be for exclusive and personal use as they all had their own recognizable sound.

Natural Howlite Meaning

It is the "Attunement Stone" , its charming calming energy helps you reduce stress, anxiety, stay calm, increases your patience and helps you convey your messages with tact and subtlety.

Meaning of the Angel Callers
Howlite Meaning
A 925 Sterling Silver Chain
Certificate of Purity (Silver Law 925)
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Betty Anderson® Gift Packaging

925 sterling silver
6mm Natural Howlite

Angel Caller Diameter 12 mm

Maximum length 60 cm ( this style is adjustable )

Natural stone 6mm


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