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Goals Necklace | Natural Onyx

Goals Necklace | Natural Onyx

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Meaning of Natural Onyx

Onyx Quartz: Onyx is a precious stone with black and gray tones, highly appreciated for its beauty and symbolic attributes. Throughout history, onyx has been valued by different cultures and various meanings have been attached to it.

Since ancient times, onyx has been associated with protection and power. It is considered a stone of strength and stability, capable of providing a shield against negative energies and protecting from harmful influences. Additionally, onyx is believed to encourage self-control and wise decision-making, providing emotional and mental stability.

Onyx is also associated with wisdom and concentration . It is said to help focus the mind and clear thinking, promoting concentration and discipline. This stone is used by those looking to improve memory and learning ability.

In addition, the onyx is considered a symbol of protection against the evil eye and negative energies. It is used as an amulet to ward off bad vibrations and promote harmony and balance in the environment.

Onyx Quartz: In spiritual terms, the onyx is related to the connection with the divine . It is believed that it strengthens the link with the spiritual plane and helps in meditation and the search for inner wisdom. It is also said to promote introspection and self-knowledge, allowing you to face and overcome personal obstacles.

In summary, the onyx is a precious stone with a rich symbolic meaning. It represents protection, strength, stability and concentration. Its beauty and properties have made this stone a popular amulet and a prized item in jewelry. Whether as an ornament or as a spiritual tool, onyx is a stone that invites you to explore your inner strength and find balance in everyday life.


A silver chain
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Meaning of Natural Onyx
Gift packaging BETTY ANDERSON

High quality silver plated bronze
Natural Onyx

diameter 8mm


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