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Necklace of the Guardian of Life

Necklace of the Guardian of Life

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How to activate an Angel Caller?

Activating an angel caller is a symbolic act that involves infusing it with intentions and positive energy. Here are some steps you can take to activate your angel caller:

  1. Set an intention: Before activating your angel caller, take a moment to reflect on the intention you want to instill in it. It can be protection, spiritual guidance, peace, love, or any other personal intention.
  2. Find a quiet place: Find a quiet place where you can go through the activation process without distractions. It can be in your home, in an outdoor space or anywhere that gives you calm and serenity.
  3. Connect with your angel caller: Hold the angel caller in your hands and take a moment to connect with it. Feel it, watch it and allow it to transmit its energy to your being.
  4. Visualization and Affirmations: Close your eyes and visualize a bright, warm light enveloping the angel caller. As you visualize this light, repeat positive affirmations or a prayer that reinforces your intention, such as "May this angel caller draw divine protection and loving guidance from angels into my life."
  5. Ring the Bells: If your angel caller has bells inside, gently shake or turn it to make the bells ring. As the bells make their soft jingle, imagine their sound reaching the angels, calling them into your life and creating a special connection with them.
  6. Give thanks and place your angel caller: Once you have activated your angel caller, take a moment to express gratitude for the protection and guidance you will receive. Then, place the angel caller in a place that is meaningful to you, either as an ornament in your home or as a pendant that you can carry with you.

Remember that the activation process is personal and can be tailored to your individual beliefs and preferences. The most important thing is that you carry out the process with intention and love, establishing a meaningful connection with your angel caller and opening yourself to receive angelic guidance and protection in your life.

Meaning of the Angel Callers

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, humans lived in close connection with their Guardian Angels. However, due to lack of faith or other unknown reasons, the Angels decided to leave for Heaven. Before leaving, they left us a special gift: spherical pendants that, when shaken, emitted a soft tinkle like little bells. The Angels explained to us that, in moments of danger or sadness, we should shake the spheres to call our Guardian Angel.

These pendants, known as angel callers, had one condition: they had to be for exclusive and personal use, since each one had a unique and recognizable sound. Upon hearing the familiar jingle, the corresponding Guardian Angel would come to the call of his protégé.

Angel callers have become amulets of great symbolic and spiritual value . It is believed that wearing them strengthens the connection with the angels and calls for their protection, guidance and support in difficult times. In addition, these amulets are considered to help attract positive energies and maintain an angelic presence around us.

Each angel caller is unique and personal, reflecting the individuality of the person wearing it. Furthermore, its particular sound can evoke different emotions and moods, providing comfort, peace and serenity .

Currently, angel callers have become popular in jewelry and as decorative elements. Many people use them as symbols of protection, faith, and spiritual connection. Angel callers are considered special gifts, especially for pregnant women, as their harmonious sound is believed to also calm and protect the unborn baby.

In short, angel callers represent the belief in the presence and protection of Guardian Angels. These symbolic charms remind us that we can always call upon our angels for support, guidance, and comfort on our life path.

A silver chain
Certificate of Purity (Silver Law 925)
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Meaning of Angel Callers
Gift packaging BETTY ANDERSON

diameter 12mm

925 sterling silver


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