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Hamsa Hand Bracelet | Citrine

Hamsa Hand Bracelet | Citrine

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Citrine Meaning

Citrine is a natural stone known for its powerful positive energy and its ability to stimulate creativity, abundance and mental clarity. This gem, which varies in shades of yellow and gold, is believed to act as a magnet for prosperity and good fortune. Citrine is also associated with solar plexus chakra, which is related to self-confidence and decision making. Its energy is said to help dissipate negativity, promoting an optimistic mood and the removal of emotional blockages. Additionally, citrine can enhance the manifestation of desires and objectives , making it an appreciated stone in the practice of meditation and visualization.

Meaning of the Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa hand, also known as the Hand of Fatima , is a cultural and religious symbol that has protective meaning in various cultures and religions, such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

The Hamsa hand is depicted as an open hand with five fingers extended, often with an eye in the center of the palm. This amulet is believed to have the power to protect against envy, the evil eye and negative energies. In addition to its protective function, the Hamsa hand also symbolizes blessings, strength, power and goodness.

It is considered a symbol of good luck, love, happiness and prosperity in many cultures. In short, the Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection and blessing that represents the fight against evil and the search for peace, harmony and fortune.

Meaning of the Hamsa Hand

Citrine Meaning
Certificate of Purity (925 Sterling Silver)
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Betty Anderson® Gift Packaging

Hamsa hand 1.6cm x 1.00cm
Citrine Diameter 6mm

925 Sterling Silver
Natural Citrine


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