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Red Thread of Protection | December | Red

Red Thread of Protection | December | Red

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the red thread

The Red Thread: According to the legend of the red thread of protection, it is said that a long red thread was wound seven times around the tomb of Rachel, the Israelite matriarch and Jacob's second wife. Rachel was considered the mother of the world due to her dedication to protect all children from evil.

It is used as a form of protection against powerful negative energy found in our daily environment. By wearing it on the left wrist , which is where we receive energy from the universe, we seek to receive and absorb only positive energy to achieve our goals.

It is composed of seven knots that represent a symbolic connection with the protective energy of Rachel. During the placement of the thread, the Prayer of the Red Thread called Ben Porat is recited, and it ends with the Prayer of Ana Bejoaj.

By wearing this red thread and connecting it with Rachel's powerful energy, it is said that all the people who wear it are wrapped in the same protection. The thread is believed to act as a shield against negativity and helps maintain a high and balanced vibration in daily life.

The legend of the red thread of protection reminds us of the importance of being aware of the energy that surrounds us and of taking measures to protect ourselves from negative influence. This symbolic thread represents the connection to ancient wisdom and divine protection, reminding us that we are responsible for our own energy and that we can choose to attract only the positive into our lives.

By using the red thread, it seeks to create a field of positive energy and protection that helps us achieve our goals and live in harmony with the universe. It is a constant reminder of our intention to receive only positive energy and to protect ourselves from negativity that may hinder our path to success and happiness.


the red color represents the month of December due to its relationship with winter and festivities such as Christmas. It is a color that symbolizes love, warmth, vitality, courage and dynamism. It reminds us of the importance of maintaining passion and energy in our lives, especially during challenging times. Red inspires us to celebrate, love and face challenges with courage and determination.

Meaning of the Red Wire Protection
Gift packaging BETTY ANDERSON

Corresponding month:

diameter max. 7.5cm
min diameter 4.0cm

Rondel glass 4mm
High Quality Red Thread
925 Sterling Silver Terminals


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