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Continuous Energy Bracelet | Tibetan Om and Onyx

Continuous Energy Bracelet | Tibetan Om and Onyx

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Tibetan OM bracelet

OM Bracelet Meaning: The OM symbol is a sacred and powerful representation in the spiritual traditions of India, such as Hinduism and Buddhism . It consists of the combination of three Sanskrit letters: A, U and M, which merge into a single symbol.

The OM is considered the primordial sound of the universe, the sound from which all things emerge. It symbolizes the unity of the divine, the connection with the spiritual and the interconnection of all forms of life. It represents the creation, maintenance and destruction of the universe, as well as the cycle of life, death and reincarnation. It also symbolizes the balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Also, OM is used in mantra practice and meditation. By reciting the sacred sound of OM, one seeks to achieve a state of inner peace, concentration and spiritual connection. Repeating the OM mantra is believed to help calm the mind, release stress, and raise spiritual awareness.

In short, the OM symbol is a powerful emblem that embodies unity, spirituality, and connection to the divine. Its meaning transcends cultural and religious barriers , resonating as a universal reminder of our essential nature and the interconnectedness of all things.

Meaning of Natural Onyx

Onyx is a deep black gemstone that has deep meaning. Protection and strength properties are attributed to it. This stone is associated with stability, resistance, and the ability to face life's challenges.

Onyx is believed to help overcome fears, anxiety, and negative patterns , promoting self-confidence and sound decision-making. It is also considered a stone that balances negative and positive energies, helping to create a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Additionally, onyx is used in meditation to focus the mind and promote concentration. In summary, the onyx is a stone that symbolizes protection, strength and balance, and is used to promote emotional, mental and spiritual stability .

Certificate of Purity (Silver Law 925)
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Meaning of OM Tibetan
Onyx Meaning
Gift packaging BETTY ANDERSON

ADJUSTABLE Bracelet Perimeter
Natural stone 6mm

925 sterling silver
Natural Onyx


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