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Strength Bracelet | elephant and jade

Strength Bracelet | elephant and jade

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Meaning of the Elephant

Elephant Bracelet: The elephant has been revered in various cultures throughout history due to its deep spiritual significance. In many traditions, this majestic animal symbolizes strength, wisdom, and longevity . Its large size and imposing presence make it a symbol of power and resistance.

The elephant is also associated with memory and loyalty . They are said to have exceptional memories, remembering places and experiences over long periods of time. This makes them symbols of wisdom and ancestral knowledge transmitted from generation to generation.

On the spiritual plane, the elephant represents the connection with the earth and nature. Their presence evokes a sense of rootedness and stability, reminding us of the importance of staying connected to our environment and our deepest essence .

Elephant Bracelet: In summary, the elephant embodies spiritual values ​​such as strength, wisdom, loyalty, memory and prosperity. Its symbolism invites us to remember our connection with nature, to cultivate wisdom and find balance in our lives.

Jade Meaning

Jade is a highly valued and appreciated semi-precious stone in many cultures around the world. For centuries, it has been considered a symbol of beauty, wisdom and serenity.

Jade is considered a symbol of good luck, fortune, and prosperity. It is believed to attract positive energies and protect against bad luck and negative influences. Additionally, jade is believed to promote harmony and inner peace, helping to calm the mind and spirit.

In some cultures, jade is associated with wisdom and longevity. The stone is said to strengthen the mind and stimulate clear thinking, allowing wise decisions to be made and a state of emotional balance to be achieved.

In terms of healing, jade is used to promote health and well-being. It is believed to strengthen the immune system, balance the body's energies, and stimulate cell regeneration.

Meaning of the Elephant

Jade Meaning
Certificate of Purity (Silver Law 925)
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Betty Anderson® Gift Packaging

Elephant 1.5cm x 0.5cm
Jade diameter 6mm

925 sterling silver
natural jade


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