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Onyx Bracelet of Determination and Strength

Onyx Bracelet of Determination and Strength

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Meaning of Natural Onyx

How recommendable is Onyx? Onyx is a semi-precious stone known for its elegant appearance and symbolic meaning. This shiny black stone is associated with protection, strength and stability. Onyx is considered a shield against negative energies and is believed to provide emotional and physical stability. Additionally, it is believed to promote self-control and resilience in difficult situations.

How recommendable is Onyx? Onyx is also associated with mental concentration and clear decision making . In spiritual terms, onyx is said to help balance energies and strengthen the connection with oneself. In short, onyx represents protection, inner strength and stability, providing a sense of security and confidence to those who possess it.

Angel Callers Meaning

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, humans lived in close connection with their Guardian Angels. However, due to lack of faith or other unknown reasons, the Angels decided to leave for Heaven. Before leaving, they left us a special gift: some spherical pendants that, when shaken, made a soft tinkling sound like bells. The Angels explained to us that, in moments of danger or sadness, we should shake the spheres to call our Guardian Angel.

Angel callers have become amulets of great symbolic and spiritual value. It is believed that by wearing them, the connection with angels is strengthened and their protection, guidance and support is invoked in difficult times. Additionally, these amulets are considered to help attract positive energies and maintain an angelic presence around us.

Nowadays, angel callers have become popular in jewelry and as decoration elements. Many people use them as symbols of protection, faith and spiritual connection. Angel callers are considered special gifts, especially for pregnant women, as it is believed that their harmonious sound can also calm and protect the unborn baby.

Meaning of Angel Callers

Meaning of Onyx
Certificate of Purity (925 Sterling Silver)
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Betty Anderson® Gift Packaging

Angel Caller Diameter 12 mm
Perimeter Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver max. 23cm (adjustable)
Natural Pearl 6 mm diameter.

925 Sterling Silver
Natural Onyx Pearls


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