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Amethyst Silver Bracelet and Angel Caller

Amethyst Silver Bracelet and Angel Caller

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Natural Amethyst Bracelet and Angel Caller

An Angel Caller is a Silver sphere that can have colors according to its design. Angel Callers emit a harmonious sound when their inner sphere is shaken. It can be worn as a pendant, charm, bracelet or simply in your purse or backpack. According to the tradition of the Angel Callers, by waving their bell, the angels respond to this call, which comes from someone who loves them and whom they must protect. This is why the Angel Caller Legend is given way, especially from the Celtic culture.


A 925 Sterling Silver Chain
Certificate of Purity (Silver Law 925)
Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Angel Caller Legend
Legend of the Amethyst
Gift packaging BETTY ANDERSON

Angel Caller Diameter 12 mm
Perimeter Bracelet Silver Law 925 Max. 23cm (adjustable)
Amethyst 10mm diameter

How to choose your Angel Caller?

To choose your Angel Caller you just have to review among all the designs and colors available the one that has sought you the most. You may think that there is an Angel Caller for every angel that is known, but it is not so. Feel completely free to choose the design that makes you feel good the most.

What is my Guardian Angel?

At BETTY ANDERSON we have chosen the Hebrew Angelic Kabbalah as the best guide to find out which of all the guardian angels governs your date of birth. This Angelic Kabbahla is made up of 72 Guardian Angels that have different hierarchies.

How to use during pregnancy?

Angel Callers can be used during pregnancy, especially after the 3rd month of pregnancy. During this time, the baby will be able to feel or hear sounds that come from outside his mother's womb, so the Angel Caller will be a great stimulus at his young age. The recommended way to use the Angel Caller during pregnancy is just at the height of the mother's belly, this will allow the rattle sphere of the Angel Caller to sound when the mother moves and help stimulate and develop the baby's senses .

At the moment the pregnancy ends and the baby is born, the mother will be the only one who will be able to choose who will remain with the Angel Caller, since the baby is a clear extension of the being and energy of the parents and especially of the mother who lives her gestation for 9 months.

How to activate an Angel Caller?

Angel Callers do not normally require activation, but you can activate or welcome them into your life the moment you light them up for the first time. We recommend saying a short prayer to your guardian angel, thanking him for all the positive things he has done for us and asking him, together with your Angel Caller, for the good and new things you want.

How to clean Silver Jewelry Pieces?

- Jewelry can be safely cleaned by immersing it for ten minutes in warm soapy water or baking soda (do not use a detergent soap). It can be scrubbed with a soft brush to remove dirt, if necessary.
- Finally, dry the Jewel very well with a dry absorbent cloth, you will see the shine that it acquires immediately.
- Preferably use a cloth to polish Silver Jewelry, gently rubbing its surface or a special Liquid Silver Jewelry cleaner for this purpose.
Warning: Do not wash the cloth and the Jewel must be completely dry before use.

Legend of the Angel Callers

Legend has it that thousands of years ago we humans lived with our Guardian Angels, but for some reason, we had to stop living with them.

Before leaving, the angels gave us some spherical pendants that, when shaken, sounded like bells and they explained to us that, when we feel in danger, unprotected or simply sad, we should shake the spheres and when we hear their sound, the Guardian Angel of each one, would come to our call.

The Angels put a condition: the pendant would be for exclusive and personal use, since they all had their own sound and recognizable by each Guardian Angel and it could not be lent to another person... Read more...


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