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Solutions and Courage Bracelet | Gordianno Knot

Solutions and Courage Bracelet | Gordianno Knot

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Gordianno Knot Bracelet

The bracelet inspired by the meaning of the Gordian Knot is a symbol of audacity and creative solution. Like Alexander the Great, who faced the intricate knot with a bold and cutting decision, this bracelet evokes the courage to break with conventions and find innovative solutions to seemingly unsolvable challenges. The bracelet's design incorporates an intricate knot, reminiscent of the legend of the Gordian knot, and becomes a constant reminder that sometimes, instead of trying to untie problems conventionally, we must approach them with a bold and determined approach. . Wearing this bracelet is carrying with you the lesson that the solution can be as simple as daring to act and finding new ways to overcome obstacles. A jewel that symbolizes courage and innovation in the search for extraordinary solutions.

Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations
Meaning of the Gordian Knot
BETTY ANDERSON gift packaging

Width 1.3cm
Height 1.3cm
Thickness 1.3mm


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