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Japa Mala | 7 Chakras and Celtic Spiral

Japa Mala | 7 Chakras and Celtic Spiral

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Meaning of Japa Mala

The Tibetan Japa Mala is a sacred object used in meditation practices and mantra recitation in Hinduism and Buddhism traditions. It consists of a necklace or rosary made of beads, usually of wood, precious, or semi-precious stones, used to count repetitions of a mantra or prayer.

It is considered a sacred and powerful object that transmits energy and blessings. The beads of the Mala may have healing and spiritual properties, believed to absorb the positive energy generated during mantra recitation.

The use of Tibetan Japa Mala in meditation helps to calm the mind, focus attention, and deepen spiritual connection. Contact with the Mala beads is also believed to have a therapeutic effect, promoting relaxation and serenity.

In summary, the Tibetan Japa Mala is a sacred object used in mantra recitation and meditation. It represents devotion, concentration, and connection with the divine. Through its use, one seeks to cultivate inner peace, mental clarity, and spiritual elevation.

Celtic Spiral

The Celtic spiral is an ancient symbol representing the cycle of life, rebirth, and connection with nature. It symbolizes eternity and continuous evolution. It is also believed to represent the spiritual journey and energy in constant motion.

Meaning of Natural Onyx

Onyx is an intense black gemstone with profound meaning. It is attributed with protective and strengthening properties. This stone is associated with stability, resilience, and the ability to face life's challenges.

Onyx is believed to help overcome fears, anxiety, and negative patterns, promoting self-confidence and sound decision-making. It is also considered a stone that balances negative and positive energies, helping to create a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Moreover, Onyx is used in meditation to focus the mind and promote concentration. In summary, Onyx symbolizes protection, strength, and balance, used to promote emotional, mental, and spiritual stability.

Meaning of the 7 Chakras

The seven chakras are energy centers located in the human body, according to Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism teachings. Each chakra is associated with different physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our existence.

Crown Chakra

Located at the top of the head, associated with the brain. Its color is violet, associated with beauty, inspiration, and creativity. It is the chakra of union with our higher self, spirituality, and higher consciousness.

Third Eye Chakra

Represented by the color indigo and located in the forehead. Often related to mysticism, intuition, and understanding. Imbalance may cause headaches, migraines, hyperopia, myopia, glaucoma, cataracts, and sinusitis. It is the chakra related to the self, connecting us with our own self, our unconscious.

Throat Chakra

Related to the throat (where it is located), lungs, knowledge, health, and decision-making. It is identified with thyroid diseases, anorexia nervosa, asthma, bronchitis, hearing problems, and tonsillitis. It is the chakra of spirit and free expression, related to communication and wisdom.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Located below the ribs, governed by the color yellow and related to the liver, spleen, small intestine, and stomach. Diabetes, pancreatitis, liver diseases, ulcers, and gallstones are related to this chakra. It is related to self-esteem, personality, ego, and intellect.

Sacral Chakra

Located in the lower abdomen and governed by the orange color. It is related to the uterus, large intestine, prostate, ovaries, and testicles, associated with menstrual pain, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and diseases in the prostate and testicles. Regarding personality, it is related to self-respect, our freedom to be who we want to be.

Root Chakra

This chakra, represented by the color red, is located at the base of the spine. It corresponds to the kidneys, bladder, spine, hips, and legs, and with diseases such as constipation, hypertension, kidney stones, hip problems, and poor leg circulation.


Meaning of Japa Malas Meaning of the 7 Chakras

Meaning of Celtic Spiral

Cleaning and Conservation Recommendations

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Natural Stones 6mm (0.23 in) and 10 mm (0.4 in)

925 Silver Sterling Gold plated

Total Length of Japa Mala 100 cm (39.3 in)


Gold and Multicolor


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